Morning After shirts are made from 100% premium two ply cotton. The classic undeniable popular oxford cloth, is created by yarn-dying. In order to reach the level of comfort which we like to call, ‘the sweater feel’, we brushed the cotton on both sides. Since only brushing did not yet reach our desired level, we also garment washed it. This gives the shirt more wearing comfort, while also creating a more casual appearance at the seams, collar and overall look.
The shirt has a modern semi-cutaway collar which can be worn to any occasion, even when wearing it under a pullover or sweater. Although, we do not recommend this, since you will look better in only our shirt.
Detachable collar stays will keep the collar in place to your liking. Remove them to create an even more casual look. Keep them in to keep the collar in place and give it a more formal look.
A modern small/normal sized placket is used.
Well-known high quality real mother-of-pearl buttons are used to enhance and complement the overall premium appearance of our shirt.
Adjustable 2 button cuffs are made on both sides. Giving you the opportunity to allow your wrist some more room, which is useful if you enjoy wearing a watch.
A lurex gold embroidered logo on the gusset reinforces the appearance of our shirt.